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Water Controls

Itron Water Meters / Cyble Sensors

Water is the most precious resource of all. At All Controls we can make every drop count with our Itron Water Meter Range. Itron have deep industry expertise to help you solve all your challenges. A computer in every meter, every device? It's possible with Itron water solutions to help you bring intelligence and action to the very edge of your water distribution network.
All Controls offers an excellent range of Level One Watermark Approved Quality Global Tapware. Global Tapware use a mix of quality Australian and American components in their brands, with 3/4 of their models carrying a higher percentage mix of Australian content allowing us to proudly call it 'Australian Made/Australian Owned' (Global Rinse Maid, Global EC, Global Q).

Cyble communication modules have been designed to fulfil l requirements of all water and gas management utilities willing to remote read their meters. Since meters are an important investment for utilities, all Itron meters are pre-equipped considering actual or future evolutions towards remote reading technologies. Proven by several millions installed Cyble modules, this patented technology ensures reliable, remote counting.

Itron Water Meters

Itron AnyQuest Pulse Enhanced

(RF) Everblu Enhanced Module

  • Part/Code: TRPULSEEB

Itron Water Meters

Itron EverBlu Transmitter

Cyble Remote Frequency (RF)

  • Part/Code: TRCIBEBX10

Itron Water Meters

Itron Cyble M-Bus Sensor V2

Standard 2.0

  • Part/Code: TRCIBMBUSAO

Itron Water Meters

Itron Cyble Sensor 2-Wire

(Pulse Output to BMS) k=1

  • Part/Code: T3CIB3K0001