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Supco / EM Series

Some of the largest & well-known brands for specialty refrigeration controls and tools from companies such as Mastercool, Copeland, Maneurop, Danfoss, Dixell, Supco, Honeywell/Resideo, Sanhua & Viper.

For over 75-years SUPCO's outstanding reputation has allowed us to serve as a leading one-stop-shop in the HVACR and aftermarket Appliance industry by manufacturing and distributing a complete line of value-driven, technician-focused products to global wholesale distributors.


Dual Thermometer EM90

Infrared & Thermocouple

  • Part/Code: SEM90


Sound Level Meter EM80

Analyse & Solve Excessive Sound Level Problems

  • Part/Code: SEM80


Dual Differential Thermometer EM60

Make Fast Inlet/outlet Temperature Comparisons

  • Part/Code: SEM60


Tachometer EM30

Analyse & Solve Rotation Problems

  • Part/Code: SEM30


Thermo-Anemometer EM20

Diagnose & Solve Air Flow Problems

  • Part/Code: SEM20


Temperature & Humidity Meter EM10

Diagnose & Solve Hvac System Prolems

  • Part/Code: SEM10