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Riello / Light Oil Burners

Representing well known Global Brands in Commercial & Industrial gas controls. Manufacturers include Honeywell, Pietro Fiorentini, Siemens, Kromschroder, Riello & Eclipse.

Riello offers a comprehensive line of package burners designed for various heating applications, including gas, light oil, dual fuel, biogas, hydrogen and more. Riello's burner product range is well regarded for high efficiency, low emissions, advanced combustion technology, and wide modulation ranges.

Combining reliable performance with easy installation and maintenance, Riello provides options ranging from small residential units to large industrial applications, ensuring customers can find a suitable burner for their specific heating requirements.

For quotations and specific enquiries, including for products/applications not listed, please contact our industrial sales team for more information.


Riello PRESS T/G

Three Stage Oil Burner

  • Part/Code: PRESS T/G


Riello PRESS P/G

Modulating Oil Burner

  • Part/Code: PRESS P/G


Riello RL 28-190/M

Modulating Oil Burner

  • Part/Code: RL 28-190/M


Riello RL 34-250 MZ

Two Stage (High-Low)

  • Part/Code: RL 34-250 MZ


Riello G 5-20

One Stage (On-Off)

  • Part/Code: Riello G 5-20