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Mizu / Mizu Coil Cleaner

Some of the largest & well-known brands for specialty refrigeration controls and tools from companies such as Mastercool, Copeland, Maneurop, Danfoss, Dixell, Supco, Honeywell/Resideo, Sanhua & Viper.

Mizu Foam has been designed especially for cleaning the coils of your A/C unit. Mizu Foam is the only non-acidic, environmentally friendly air conditioner cleaner on the Australian market!

Mizu Foam will quickly and effortlessly clean your air conditioner to extend its life and efficiency.

Cleaning your air conditioner with Mizu Foam is a fast, easy and affordable way to keep your a/c clean. If you don't usually clean your a/c or you have only tried other cleaning methods then you must try Mizu Foam and experience the benefits for yourself.


Mizu Foam Spray

Non Acidic & Environmentally Friendly

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