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Oceania Gas Safety (OGS) / 5. Domestic Gas Safety

Representing well known Global Brands in Commercial & Industrial gas controls. Manufacturers include Honeywell, Pietro Fiorentini, Siemens, Kromschroder, Riello & Eclipse.

Oceania Gas Safety (OGS) is the Australia & New Zealand arm of S&S Northern. The UK ‘s number one Gas Control Manufacture.

OGS specialise in Gas Controls products, Air Monitoring products and Water Leak Detection products. Our products are suitable for Domestic, Commercial Kitchens, Educational Building's, Mechanical/Boiler Rooms, and Apartment Buildings in Australia and New Zealand.

OGS ensure all products are, designed to meet the latest regulations.

Oceania Gas Safety (OGS)

OGS TGC – Timed Gas Control

Commonly used in Sheltered Accommodation and Elderly Housing

  • Part/Code: OGS-TGC

Oceania Gas Safety (OGS)

OGS Mini Merlin

Ideal for Gas Detection and Carbon Monoxide Protection Domestic Properties

  • Part/Code: OGS-MMCH4C0 OGS-MMLPGC0

Oceania Gas Safety (OGS)

OGS Homesafe

Automatic Gas Shut Off for Housing Using Multilayered Pipe

  • Part/Code: OGS-HSGC