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Representing well known Global Brands in Commercial & Industrial gas controls. Manufacturers include Honeywell, Pietro Fiorentini, Siemens, Kromschroder, Riello & Eclipse.

Mopeka is the global leader in sonar tank monitoring solutions. Their portfolio of award-winning and patented Sonar, Mobile and Cloud based services and solutions can help all liquid-based firms including Propane, Butane, Water, Anhydrous and other liquid commodities better manage existing volumes and streamline supply chain management. They provide solutions for both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks, ranging from residential 20lb grills and RV tanks, right through to industrial tanks greater than 90,000 gallons. They believe in “Accuracy Above Everything.”


Mopeka Pro Check Universal Sensor

Wireless Tank Gauge Sensor

  • Part/Code: MP1017023