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Representing aftermarket spare parts for Heating, Cooling & Hot Water for well-known brands like Rinnai, Brivis, Bonaire, Vulcan, Braemar, Coolbreeze, Rheem, Aquamax, Dux & Raypak. Products include universal thermocouples and thermostats, motors, valves, pressure switches, control boxes, elements, capacitors etc. to suit the needs of our customers.

The primary function of an LPG gas regulator is to reduce the LPG gas bottle pressure to safe operating levels. Inside an LPG bottle, pressure could range from 400 to 1200kPa. The gas regulator drops that to 2.75kPa, the standard operating pressure for gas appliances.

A first stage gas regulator is often connected to one or two gas cylinder/s with pigtail/s, taking the pressure from max. 1750kPa to approximately 70kPa. A second stage gas regulator is placed further along the gas line and takes the gas pressure from approximately 70kPa to 2.75kPa.


Dual Cylinder LPG Installation Kit 400MJ

Automatic Changover With Bracket And Pigtails

  • Part/Code: 6060545


Dual Stage LPG Regulator 160MJ

With Bracket & Pigtail Adaptor

  • Part/Code: 6060521