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Mastercool Spartan 2-way Smart Manifold

Manifold Kit with 72” high pressure hoses

Part/Code: MC99927-BT-2

Product Description

Mastercool introduces the new SPARTAN series smart manifold with Bluetooth® wireless technology. This smart manifold is equipped with a 4.3” color touchscreen LCD, allowing the user to navigate through all of the screens and options with a quick slide of their finger. Now with a built-in premium vacuum sensor and an accuracy down to 1 micron, there is no need for additional equipment to properly diagnose and service your A/C system.

Offered in 2 way and 4 way options, this manifold will display pressure, vacuum, temperature, and will automatically calculate your superheat and sub cool. Both models include data logging and will offer additional features such as leak test timers and alarms but that’s not all! In conjunction with this manifold will be the ability to download our free Mastercool Connect app, which will provide full mobility as activity can be easily viewed on all compatible hand-held devices. This will allow for endless amounts of data collection and diagnostics at your fingertips.

Join the Spartan revolution and move with us into the future of A/C diagnostics and service.

Included Refrigerants: R12, R22, R23, R32, R113, R114, R115, R116, R123, R1234yf, R1234ez, R1270, R124, R134, R134a, R141b, R142b, R143, R143a, R152a, R170, R227ea, R290, R401A, R401B, R404A, R407A, R407B, R407C, R407D, R407F, R409A, R410A, R410B, R411A, R411B, R412A, R413A, R414A, R414B, R417A, R422A, R422B, R422C, R422D, R427A, R434A, R437A, R438A, R441A, R443A, R448A, R449A, R452A, R452B, R454B, R455A, R456A, R501, R502, R503, R504, R507A, R508B, R509A, R513A, R514A, R600, R600a, R601a, R601A, R744


Class 1.0 gauge provides accurate, high quality readings
4.3” color touchscreen to navigate with a quick slide of the finger
Premium built in vacuum sensor with a resolution down to 1 micron
Displays pressure, vacuum, temperature, and will automatically calculate superheat and sub cool temperatures
Over 60 pre-programmed refrigerants included (see for complete list)
Bluetooth wireless technology provides communication with the Mastercool Connect app to allow for full mobility as activity can be easily viewed on all compatible hand-held devices
Low battery indicator on the LCD shows when battery needs charging
Record and store up to 36 hours of data to the manifold memory
Optional premium temperature clamp with K-type connector
Auto-off after 30 minutes of inactivity helps to conserve battery life
Pressure leak test function displays delta for both vacuum and positive pressure measurements
Easily switch between digital and analog depictions of pressure and temperature
Simple calibration for ultimate utility


Gauge: Class 1.0
• Pressure Display: psi, bar, MPa, kg/cm2, kPa
• Temperature Display: ˚F or ˚C
• Deep Vacuum Display: micron, mBar, kPa, Pa, Torr, mTorr, mmHg
• Sensing Resolution: 1 psi (.07 bar, .007 MPa, .07 kg/cm2)
• Sensing Accuracy: ±1 psi or 1% of reading (whichever is greater)
• Working Pressure: 0 to 725 psi (50 bar, 5 MPa, 52 kg/cm2)
• Proof Pressure: 1000 psi (70 bar, 7 MPa, 70 kg/cm2) (Tolerable pressure without internal damage)
• Refrigerant Temperature Range: -40 to 200˚F (-40 to 93˚C)
• Operating Temperature: 32 to 122˚F (0 to 45˚C)
• Temperature Accuracy: ±1˚F (±0.5˚C) between 32 to 160˚F (0 to 71˚C)
• Storage Temperature: 10 to 120˚F (-12 to 49˚C)
• Vacuum Sensor: Range 20,000 to 1 micron
• Connections: 1/4” m-flare and 3/8” m-fl (vacuum hose connection (4 way only))
• Power: Li-Ion rechargeable battery (charge through supplied USB type C connector)
• Battery Life: 30-36 hours normal use (25-30 hours with Bluetooth enabled)
• Auto-Off: after 30 minutes, sleep mode 4 minutes
• Data Logging: Up to 36 hours
• 99927-BT-2: 2 way spartan smart manifold with 72” high pressure hoses with standard fittings and (2) clamps

Specifications for Bluetooth® Wireless Technology:
• 260’ (80m) maximum line-of-sight range
• Bluetooth® 4.2 and 5


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