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Mastercool 4-way Manifold

80mm R134A-R404A-R407C

Part/Code: MC96203-MB1

Product Description

Mastercool is the leading manufacturer of professional quality A/C manifold gauge sets. Our manifold gauge sets are constructed of the finest materials and machined with precision to the highest quality standards. At Mastercool, every manifold we build is built to last.

All Mastercool gauges are color coordinated for easy refrigerant recognition.

• Full 3/8″ bore through the block increases flow considerably, faster charging and recovery
• Ball valve rotates 90º between two teflon washers requiring little effort to turn, even under pressure
• Opens and closes quickly with only a quarter turn
• Knob position shows whether valves are open or closed (Vertical = Open, Horizontal = Closed)
• 80 mm gauges / 1.6 gauge class
• All fittings are 1/4″ SAE, tee with branch 3/8″
• Assemblies packed in a custom molded carrying case, p/n 86772-PB
• 96203-EB: R410A, R407C, R22 (gauge p/n EBH-EBL) manifold with gauges only