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Rinnai T Series Reverse Cycle 8.0kW

Inverter Split System R32

Part/Code: HSNRT80B

Product Overview:

Designed for Australians:

With operational capabilities across a wide range of ambient temperatures, the Rinnai T series will provide the comfort you need from conditions as low as -15°C all the way to peak summer temperatures as high as 52°C. This resilience ensures strong unit performance regardless of our harsh and varied climates. In cooler climates, where the outdoor temperature may fall to below freezing, the outdoor unit will run a practical anti-frost mode, ensuring high performance heating.

• Rated Cooling Capacity: 8.0kW
• Inverter Range Min-Max: 2.8-8.5kW
• Rated Heating Capacity: 8.4kW
• Inverter Range Min-Max: 2.6-8.8kW
• Area Coverage: 40-54m2
• Dimensions Indoor: 1132 × 330 ×232mm
• Dimensions Outdoor: 970 × 805 × 395mm
• Net Weight Indoor: 14kg
• Net Weight Outdoor: 59kg
• Built in WiFi
• R32 Refrigerant
• Compatible Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart device


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