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Mastercool Digital Vacuum Gauge

Digital Vacuum Gauge

Part/Code: MC98061

Product Description:

As a professional technician the assurance of a deep vacuum on a system is imperative. The main problem with many small handheld units is their inaccuracy and durability. Although the thermocouple sensor has been proven to be much more accurate and durable than the thermistor type, the problem has been the inconvenience of a cumbersome tabletop unit. Mastercool is introducing a hand held unit using thermocouple technology. This vacuum gauge has been designed with the technician’s field environment in mind, allowing for self-calibration and a sensor that will not be damaged by small mists of oil. The Mastercool unit allows for a target vacuum range to be programmed with a light sensor indicator. Now you have the freedom to continue with your other work and come back to the system once you see the indicator light signaling your target vacuum.

98061: Digital Vacuum Gauge packaged in a blow molded case


• Response Time: 250 mSec.
• Sensor Cable: Spiral cable extended to 6.5 feet (2.6 meter)
• Sensor: Thermocouple sensor
• Connection Fitting: 1/4” flare female adapter
• Operating Temperature: 32 to 120ºF (0 to 45ºC)
• Power: 9V DC battery (AC/DC Adapter Optional)
• Battery Life: 36 hours
• Low Battery Indicator: Special ICON on LCD
• Vacuum Units: Micron, Torr, mTorr, mmHg, mBar, Pa
•Accuracy Range*: ATM-1000 Microns: ±10% of reading 1000 – 100 Microns: ±7% of reading, 100 – 1 Micron: ±5% of reading
• *Unit accuracy refers to sensor specifications and is based on optimal laboratory conditions. Field operations may greatly deviate from these levels.

Also Available:
• 98061-C: Digital Vacuum Gauge packaged in a clam shell


• 98061-SENSOR: Replacement Sensor
• 99334-110: 110V AC/DC Adapter
• 99333: 1/4 FL-M x 1/4 FL-M x 1/4 FL-F Tee


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