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Mastercool Intellasense Refrigerant Leak Detector

Intellasense Refrigerant Leak Detector

Part/Code: MC55800

Product Description:


• Combustible Gases
• Hydrogen
• Refrigerants: All CFC’s, HCFC’s & HFC’s
• Meets and exceeds J2791 (R134a), J2913 (R1234yf) and EN 14624

The 55800 leak detector employs a new metal oxide gas sensor for the detection of chlorofluorocarbon gasses and blends. This tin oxide sensor is characterized by high sensitivity and a fast response, upon detecting the presence of extremely small levels of chlorofluorocarbon gases. Integrated into the design is a powerful microprocessor that automatically selects the best operating conditions for the sensor, to ensure optimum performance. The optimum sensor performance is maintained and monitored throughout the life of the sensor.


• HIGH ≥ 0.15 oz/yr (4.25 g/yr)
• MEDIUM ≥ 0.25 oz/yr (7 g/yr)
• LOW ≥ 0.5 oz/yr (14 g/yr)

• Intelligent tip design that senses the condition of the environment, to eliminate the potential of false alarms.
• Flexible 16” probe for difficult to reach locations

• Progressive LCD with vertical bars corresponding to the magnitude of the detected leak
Visual indication of the selected sensitivity range

• Detects all refrigerants (CFC’s, HCFC’s, & HFC’s)
• Unit has been tested and approved to work with R1234yf as well as R32 and R410a

• SENSOR LIFE: 2000 hours
• POWER: Two (2) D Batteries
• BATTERY LIFE: 60 hours continuous use
• WEIGHT: 1 lb. 8 oz
• “Super Sensitive Function” allows the unit further sensitizing beyond the standard settings for locating small leaks with gases such as R1234yf and R407C


• WAIT: This indication flashes whenever the unit is in the wait mode. This could occur whenever the unit is turned on or interference is detected
• READY: This indication appears when the unit is ready for use
• INT: This indication appears whenever the microprocessor detects conditions that are not suitable for reliable leak detection. Excessive wind blowing, blocked probe (no air flow), burned out fan, or a missing or defective sensor that needs to be replaced
• BATTERY SYMBOL: When the battery symbol becomes illuminated this is an indication that the battery is low and needs to be replaced
• H – M – L: High, Medium and Low sensitivity ranges will be displayed accordingly based on the selection made on the keypad
• SIGNAL LEVEL BARS: There are 10 vertical signal level bars on the display corresponding to the level of signal detected by the unit
• ERROR SIGNALS: E1 through E9 indicates diagnostic signals

• ON/OFF: Press the ON/OFF button on the center of the keypad to turn the unit on or off
• VOLUME/MUTE: Press the VOLUME/MUTE button to control the volume of the unit
• H M L SENSITIVITY: Press the H M L SENSITIVITY button to select the desired sensitivity level
• HOLD: Press the HOLD button to freeze the signal bars. Press the HOLD button again to disengage
• PEAK: Press the PEAK button when multiple leaks are suspected as being present
• 55800: Packaged in a blow molded case with 2 “D” batteries, leak test vial and replacement filters

• 55800-FILTER: 3 replacement filters
• 55800-VL: Leak test vial


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