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HFA - HFB Dry Gas Filter Series

High-Medium Pressure Applications

Part/Code: HFA - HFB Dry Gas Filter Series


In gas pressure reduction and metering plants it is good practice to protect pressure regulators, valves, meters and all other components from the solid particles inside the gas, if any.

Pietro Fiorentini filters are designed with this purpose in mind: they are manufactured in different types and sizes in order to meet all the needs. They are equipped with nipples for the assembly of the several accessories. They are designed to be sturdy and may be easily installed and maintained. The filtering element is able to filter the solid particles with filtrations up to 5 μm.

• Design Pressure: up to 100 Bar
• Flange connections: PN16, ANSI 150/300/600
• Filtration: 5microns
• Sizes 25mm to 300mm


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