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OGS ParkSafe Panel

Gas Detection for Enclosed Parking Structures

Part/Code: OGS-P/SAFE 16 ZONE

• The OGS ParkSafe is a gas detection and ventilation control system developed to help you meet and exceed AS1668.2.2012 requirements for parking garages

• It is designed to be paired with the OGS Nitrogen (NO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detectors that can be linked via MODBUS back to the ParkSafe control panel, up to 16 gas detectors per panel can be used in any combination.

• The ParkSafe controller can automatically drive ventilation dependent on the levels of gas detected through multiple outputs designed for on/off, two speed and variable fan systems.

• The screen displays key information such as the live gas levels of each area, the type of gas & each output status, for example the 0-10V output driving the ventilation. The touchscreen display is also used to for installation purposes to give the technician quick & precise options to setup the ParkSafe controller.


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