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Gold Seal Gas Solenoid Valves

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Part/Code: Gold Seal Gas Solenoid Valves

Gold Seal Gas Solenoid Valves OGS Valves

Product Overview:

Oceania Gas Safety provides a comprehensive package supplying not only the gas detection equipment and interlock panels but also a range of fully approved solenoid valves for natural gas (Methane) and LP (Liquid Petroleum) gases. We supply a large number of valves for use in any area where a gas supply is in place this includes schools, kitchen, plant rooms and even some domestic sites. Our gas solenoid valves are tested and certified for sale in Australia and New Zealand, Normally Closed, Safety Shut-Off valves with a max close time of 1 second.

Features & Benefits:

Compliance and tested to AS 4629-2005 (Amdt 2)

Gas Valves available from 3/8″ through 2″. Larger sizes available upon request including 2 1/2, 3, 4, 6 and 8in flanged versions. Please contact us further details.


Product Data Sheet

Certificate of AS/NZ Standard Conformance

Certified Sizes