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Merlin GDPX+ Gas Detection System

16 Zone Gas Detection System


• Designed For Schools, Hotels and Public Buildings

• Multi-purpose Gas Detection System

• The Merlin GDPX+ is a 16 zone gas pressure proving & detection panel which can be used in many applications, e.g. mechanical rooms, car parks, shopping malls and the most common being a boiler house application.

• Utilizing a solenoid valve and a pressure transducer the Merlin GDPX+ will check for a pressure drop or leak in the downstream line before allowing the gas to be supplied. Once gas has been supplied the unit will constantly check the incoming gas supply pressure to ensure that a naked flame cannot be extinguished by a weak draft.

• The GDPX+ has a touch screen which displays two modes, the engineers mode and the user mode. A settings dipswitch inside the controller allows the engineer/user to configure the system. When changes have been, the system will automatically restart once the settings switch is off.

• Many varieties of detectors are compatible with GDPX+, e.g. Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, LPG, Refrigerant Gas and Oxygen depletion. Up to 16 detectors can be used in any combination and can be individually monitored on the GDPX+ TFT display.

• Also multiple heat detector links can be used, when wired in series. The GDPX+ can be integrated with a BMS, fire alarm and remote EPO buttons. Gas detectors are fixed remote from the GDPX+ panel & should be wired back to the GDPX+ panel with four wire low voltage cable.


Product Data Sheet

Gas Detector Data Sheet