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Merlin GDP2X Gas Detection System

8 Zone Gas Detection System

Part/Code: OGS-GDP2X

Merlin GDP2X Gas Detection System 8 Zone Gas Detection System

Features & Benefits:

• Multi use Gas Detection System

• The Merlin GDP2X is an 8 zone gas detection panel which can be used in many applications, e.g. mechanical rooms, car parks, shopping malls and the most common being a boiler house application.

• The GDP2X has a touch screen which displays two modes, the engineers mode and the user mode. A settings dip switch inside the controller allows the engineer/user to configure the system. When changes have been, the system will automatically restart once the settings switch is off.

• Many varieties of detectors are compatible with GDP2X, e.g. Natural Gas, Carbon Monoxide, LPG, Refrigerant Gas and Oxygen depletion. Up to 8 detectors can be used in any combination and can be individually monitored on the GDP2X TFT display.

• Also multiple heat detector links can be used, when wired in series. The GDP2X can be integrated with a BMS, fire alarm and remote EPO buttons. Gas detectors are fixed remote from the GDP2X panel & should be wired back to the GDP2X panel with four wire low voltage cable.


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