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FE Series

Low Pressure Gas Regulator

Part/Code: FE Series


FE is one of the direct-operated gas pressure regulators designed and manufactured by Pietro Fiorentini. This device is suitable for use with previously filtered, non-corrosive gases and is particularly indicated for low-pressure natural gas distribution networks for residential and commercial fixtures. The FE regulator is classified as Fail Close (only version with slam-shut device valve for downstream overpressure).

• Design pressure: 8.6 bar
• Design temperature: from -20 to +60°C
• Capacity:
- FE6 Qmax 6 Sm3/h NG
- FE10 Qmax 10 Sm3/h NG
- FE25 Qmax 25 Sm3/h NG
- FES Qmax 50 Sm3/h NG
• Outlet Pressure Range:
- BP model 1.3 to 18 kPa
- TR model 18 to 50 kPa


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