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VS/AM 65

Spring Relief Valves

Part/Code: VS/AM 65


The VS/AM 65 by Pietro Fiorentini is a relief valve which vents gas when the system pressure exceeds the set value due to temporary events. During no-flow conditions, thermal expansion of the gas can cause downstream static pressure to build up. The relief valve will prevent downstream pressure from rising due to gas temperature change, downstream pressure shocks caused by sudden changes of flow or eventually regulator’s lock-up failure.
Particularly suitable in high-pressure transmission systems and in medium pressure gas distribution networks. It should to be used with previously filtered non-corrosive gases. The VS/AM 65 is Hydrogen Ready for NG-H2 blending.

• Design pressure up to 20 bar
• Design temperature: from -20 °C to +60 °C
• Nominal size DN: 1″
• Setting ranges:
- BP model 1.5 to 15 kPa
- MP model 15 to 50 kPa
- TR model 50 to 700 kPa


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