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Low-pressure gas regulator

Part/Code: Pietro Governors


The gas pressure governors with / without filter, and with double safety diaphragm in Pietro Fiorentini’s range are equipped with balanced plug. Governors are the ideal solution for feeding burners. They can be used with previously filtered non-corrosive gases and are widely used in the construction of low pressure natural gas distribution networks to industrial, commercial and residential users. These devices comply with standard EN 88-1 and are Hydrogen Ready for NG-H2 blending.

• Accuracy class AC: 15
• Nominal sizes: 15-100mm
• Lock-up Class SG: +7.5 mbar or 30%
• Design pressure: 1 bar
• Design temperature: from -15 °C to +60 °C
• Minimum differential pressure: 2.5 mbar
• Outlet Pressure Range: from 0.5 to 30 kPa
• Maximum Inlet Pressure: 50 kPa


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