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FioSonic Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Industrial Metering

Part/Code: FioSonic


FioSonic is the natural evolution of the Pietro Fiorentini know-how and experience in the gas industry. With its multi path-chordal ultrasonic technology FioSonic provides real time diagnostics high accuracy and redundancy for custody transfer gas flow measurement.
This device is mainly used for high-pressure transmission systems, power plants, heavy industry and for medium - low pressure natural gas distribution networks, from 5 KPa(a) | 0,05 bar(a) to 15.3 MPa(a) | 153 bar(a) of pipeline operating pressure.

• Design Pressure: up to 153 Bar
• Flange connections: ANSI 150/300/900 RF/RTJ according to ASME B16.5, PN16/25/40 according to EN 1092-1
• Sizes: 2" to 30"
• Accuracy: up to 0.5% with factory calibration, up to 0.2% with high pressure flow calibration


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