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IM-TM Series Turbine Meters

Industrial Metering

Part/Code: IM-TM Series


iM-TM CT turbine meters, approved for custody transfer applications, is mainly used for high pressure transmission systems, power plants, heavy industry and for medium low pressure natural gas distribution networks.

This device is suitable for use with previously filtered non corrosive gases.

It is the natural evolution of the Pietro Fiorentini know how and experience in the gas industry. The operating principle of the turbine meter incorporates an innovative method of conditioning flow in the meter body. A straightening section in the meter body conditions the gas flow by removing undesired swirl, and turbulence before it reaches the turbine rotor. The dynamic forces from gas flow initiate rotation of the turbine rotor. The precision machined rotor, mounted on a shaft, including high quality low friction stainless steel ball bearings allows to have a cartridge with high measurement quality. The rotor of the turbine having helical blades and a known angle allows to guarantee the proportionality between the gas speed and the number of revolutions of the shaft.

• Aluminum body sizes: DN50 to DN200
• Carbon steel body sizes: DN50 to DN300
• Qmax 6,500 m3/h
• Design ANSI 150/300/600 according to ASME B16.5


Technical Data Sheet