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Aspen Silent+ Mini White

Condensate Removal Pump

Part/Code: FP3450

Aspen Silent+ Mini White Condensate Removal Pump

Product Overview:

Incredibly quiet, easy to install and maintain, the Silent+ Mini White has been designed to fit either side of the evaporator unit. A double insulated reservoir eliminates condensation and is simple to unclip for cleaning and maintenance.

Features & Benefits:

• Ultra quiet operation
• Extra quick to fit
• Compact & discreet
• Removable reservoir
• Up to 16kW / 54,000Btu/h
• High wall mini split systems
• Perfect for domestic environments where minimizing audible noise is crucially important

Technical data:

• 45L/h max. flow
• 10m max. rec. head (flow rate 23L/h)
• As low as 16dB(A) when operating


Product Data Sheet