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Gree Aoky Window & Wall 2.7kW

Window Unit Reverse Cycle

Part/Code: AC5056

Gree Aoky Window & Wall Window Unit Reverse Cycle

Product Overview:

Gree has cleverly designed this compact sleek Aoky window unit air conditioner with R32 eco-friendly refrigerant. Reverse cycle for both heating and cooling, the Aoky range is ideal for apartments, small offices, garages and pre-fab buildings. Furthermore, not only does the range have a number of great features as standard, Aoky is also backed by a 6 year warranty for residential applications.

Features & Benefits:

• 3-Speed Fan, with auto mode, automatically adjusts as the room temperature changes

• Fresh air ventilation slider to ventilate to expel smoke and odours from the room

• Hydrophilic blue fin coils, as well as a galvanised and painted slide out chassis protects against corrosion

• Swing function rotates louvres automatically

• In the unlikely event of a malfunction, self-diagnostics will display the malfunction code aiding a speedy repair

• Sleep function changes the set point temperature after one and then two hours. This follows a more natural sleep pattern

Technical data:

Cooling Capacity (kW) : 2.7
Heating Capacity (kW) : 2.45
Cooling Power Input (W) : 825
Heating Power Input (W) : 740
Cooling AEER (W/W) : 3.33
Heating ACOP (W/W) : 3.31
Cooling Energy Stars (Hot/Average/Cold) (No.) : 2/1.5/2
Heating Energy Stars (Hot/Average/Cold) (No.) : 1/1/0.5
Dehumidifying Volume (L/Hr) : 1
Air Flow Volume (Max) (m3/h) : 480
SPL (Max) Indoor (dB(A) : 50
SPL Outdoor (dB(A) : 57
Power Supply: 220 - 240V 50Hz
Recommended Circuit Breaker (A) : 10
Cooling / Heating (A) : 3.63/3.25
Dimension (W×H×D) (mm) : 560x375x668
Net Weight (kg) : 40
Operating Temperature Range (°C) : -7~43
Refrigerant: R32
Refrigerant Charge (kg) : 0.43


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