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Honeywell Conversion Kit


Part/Code: HL393691U

Honeywell NG to LPG Conversion Kit Suits VR8200 & VR8300 Gas Valves

Product Description:

Single Stage Natural to LP Gas Conversion Kit. 8" to 12" adjustment range. Includes regulator spring, o-ring, adjustment screw and cap screw

Features & Benefits:

• Includes: Conversion kits, reducer bushings, flanges, etc.
• Used with the following Gas Valves: VR8200, VR8300, VR8104, VR8204, VR8304, VR8205 (not VR8205S), VR8305; VR4200, VR4300, VR4204, VR4304, VR4205, VR4305; Standard and Slow opening valves. Not for use with Step valves.
• Pressure Regulator Setpoint (in. wc): 8" to 12" WC