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Minisit 710 SIT Gas Valve 13C-38C

Natural Gas (NG)

Part/Code: ST0710133

Minisit 710 SIT Gas Valve 13C-38C Natural Gas (NG)

Product Description:

The 710 Minisit is a multi-functional control incorporation thermoelectrical flame supervision device with restart interlock, pressure regulator or flow adjuster, modulating thermostat with snap-acting on-off function.

Features & Benefits:

• Minisit 710 Series
• Suitable for use with Stoves, Boilers, Catering Equipment & Room Heaters
• Modulating Thermostat with Snap Acting On-Off function
• Pressure Regulator or Flow Adjuster
• Suits: Bonaire/Vulcan/Pyrox, Braemar & Rinnai units