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Riello RS/E-EV MZ

Two-stage (High-Low) / Modulating

Part/Code: RS/E-EV MZ

Riello RS/E-EV MZ Two-stage (High-Low) / Modulating

Product Description:

The RS/E-EV MZ burners series covers a firing range from 44 to 2650 kW, and it is based on a new Digital Burner Management System, Riello REC27, which is able to manage the air-fuel ratio by independent servomotors in order to obtain a perfect output control and to assure a correct combustion and safe operation on all modulation range. Operation can be “two stage progressive” or, alternatively, “modulating” with the installation of a PID logic regulator and respective probes. RS/E MZ burners series guarantees high efficiency levels in all the various applications, thus reducing fuel consumption and running costs. The RS 250/EV MZ model, equipped with REC37, is available to operate with Variable Speed Drive technology base on the control of a Frequency Inverter that modifies the airflow through the motor speed variation. Optimisation of sound emissions is guaranteed by the special design of the air suction circuit and by incorporated sound proofing material.

Technical data:

RS 34/E 44/130 ÷ 390 kW
RS 44/E 80/200 ÷ 550 kW
RS 50/E 85/290 ÷ 580 kW
RS 64/E 150/400 ÷ 850 kW
RS 70/E 135/465 ÷ 814 kW
RS 100/E 150/698 ÷ 1163 kW
RS 130/E 254/920 ÷ 1600 kW
RS 190/E 470/1279 ÷ 2290 kW
RS 250/E 600/1250 ÷ 2650 kW
RS 250/EV 600/1250 ÷ 2650 kW

Features & Benefits:

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