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Smart Probes: small, professional measuring instruments

For VAC, refrigeration and heating contractors, measurement is more mobile than ever before,with the new Testo Smart Probes. Because the compact measuring instruments can be operatedwirelessly with your own smartphone or tablet, and conveniently transported in the handytesto Smart Case. That way, you always have all your measurement technology with you andimmediately ready to hand. All measurement data are transmitted directly to the free testo SmartProbes App, and with a mobile end device, can be read out, turned into a report, and finally sentdirectly by e-mail. And the App can do much more: with practicalmeasurement menus and special functions, it turns your smartphone into a measurement data centre – and makes your work more efficient. Welcome to the world of digital measurement technology.

The testo Smart Probes App: One App. Eight measuring instruments. Many advantages. -  Wireless readout of the measurement values on your smartphone/tablet – even at some distance from the measuring instrument.

  • Display of up to six Smart Probes at the same time.
  • The App quickly visualizes measurement value changes as a graph or a table.
  • Pre-stored menus for specific applications, incl.: automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures, as well as superheating and sub-cooling; volume flow measurement in ducts/at outlets; noncontact temperature measurement by infrared with fast image documentation incl. measurement values and measurement spot marking.
  • Measurement data reports can be supported by images created with the App, and immediately sent as PDF or Excel files.